Business Transformation -5 Pillars

The 5 Pillars is a business transformation process created by Dotun Adeoye.

  • Business Analysis
  • Business Transformation
  • Growth Hacking & Management
  • Business Diversification
  • Business Continuity & Legacy


Business owners face multiple business issues. From regulatory to business development to have a competitive edge, succession planning, and more. Our consultants work with businesses to overcome these issues, hack growth, and plan for exiting the businesses. 

Most businesses in Africa are at high risk because the business is built on the foundation of the owner’s friends, contacts, network, and personal account and at the demise of the owner, the business collapses. Further resulting in an increase in unemployment.

At Innovate Africa, we create a stable and functional structure with several checks and balances for businesses to ensure that growth is constant. 

We have a proprietary system that ensures that every business we help will experience a sustainable successful turnaround for the better.


Kolabo Konekta

Growth is needed in every aspect of life and every business wants to grow from a start-up to a multinational company but the barrier is usually the know-how. 

Businesses across Africa need partners to get to the next level and Kolabo Konekta steps in to help them find foreign partners to grow their business to the desired level.

Kolabo Konekta will also connect Africa-based businesses to business opportunities across the globe.



Entrepreneurs and businesses with fantastic initiatives and innovations that are Africa-oriented would make more impact across Africa if given the opportunity and tools required.

One of the challenges of doing business inside Africa is the language barriers, limited access to quality information, and access to local talents at different levels.

Kolabo provides a one-stop platform for collaborations, investments, mentoring, information, education, access to networks, the discovery of opportunities across Africa, and demographics on a cross-platform basis to make doing business across Africa easier.