Kolabo Konekta

Businesses across Africa need partners to get to the next level. Kolabo Konekta will help them find foreign partners to grow their business to the desired level.

Examples of Kolabo Konekta Scenarios

  • Service-based business owners with a need for foreign technical partners. Kolabo Konekta will match the service provider to a foreign partner to achieve desired results
  • Retail based businesses with a need for digital transformation and limited funding. Kolabo Konekta matches with an IT partner to achieve digital transformation
  • Education institutions with a need for foreign technical partners to improve curriculum and school rating. Kolabo Konekta matches the educational institution with foreign education partners.
  • Manufacturers with a need for foreign technical partners to invest pieces of equipment and technical expertise in their business. Kolabo Konekta matches the manufacturer with ideal partners
  • Businesses with a need for foreign partners to expose their products. Kolabo Konekta matches the business to potential foreign 

How Kolabo Konekta Works

  1. Initial business fact-finding questionnaire
  2. A decision in principle within 5 working days (A yes or no feedback after the completion of our vetting process)
  3. Partnership offers confirmed
  4. Cooling off period (5 days)
  5. Partnership Agreement Signing and Payment
  6. Partnership Kick-off
  7. Ongoing Support from Kolabo Konekta (If agreed as part of the agreement)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Kolabo Konekta ? Kolabo Konekta is a foreign business partner matching service  owned and operated by Innovate Africa
  • Is any business eligible for Kolabo Konekta service? No. Not every application will be successful as there is a vetting service carried out on both the applying business and foreign partners.
  • What are the requirements to become successful with the Kolabo Konekta application?  There are minimum requirements which are: The business must be registered in the country of operation, the business must be operating for at least 3 years, the business has at least 3 years business account, there are at least 2 professional references – a professional accountant and the business bank manager of the business  and company profile
  • Is my consulting payment protected or refundable? The consulting payment is a non-refundable fee. This is why there is a cooling-off period of 5 days when details of the offer have been shared with the client seeking foreign business partners
  • Who is behind Kolabo Konekta? Kolabo Konekta is an initiative of Innovate Africa. The management of Innovate Africa can be found here
  • Do you have case studies or examples of a Kolabo Konekta transaction? Yes. Case studies are available on request