3 Key Reasons Why We Need to Invest in the Youths across Africa Now

African Youth

The median age on the African continent is 18 years old. We are currently regretting the missing opportunities with the previous generations across Africa, now we have an opportunity to shape the future.

If you are not getting my drift, please look through what happened when a man placed an advert for domestic help, AKA “House Help” in Nigeria

House help on Banana Island wanted.

Salary: N450k a month.
You are allowed to go home 6pm on Saturdays and come back before 6pm on Sundays.

You must have a kind heart towards children and be ready to travel overseas with the Family.



His thread was bombarded immediately. 😃. Here are some of the responses…

1st Applicant: I have an MSC in cleaning and utility management studies with a PhD in child care,  toy symbiosis and poo extraction.
I have over 25 years wealth of experience including an industrial training experience with my iya agba Nilu oyo ( My grandmother in Oyo city). I’m equally fluent in nursery rhyme language.
2nd Applicant: I was born to be a house help. From my first generation to the last to come .3rd Applicant: 450k? Home on Saturdays? Which home? I’m a monkey, Banana Island is my home. 😂😂
4th Applicant: My ancestors have all been house help and I can’t wait to carry on the family business. When can I  resume?
5th Applicant: Being a house help has been my childhood dream. Give me the chance to actualize my dream, sir.
Kindly open your DM sir.
6th Applicant:  For 450k a month? Which home will I be going on Saturday?? We die there!
7th Applicant: I have a PhD in childcare business. Can I start today? As in now? Please tell them I’m ready to disown home. We die there o.
8th Applicant: All these rich folks will use every opportunity to insult graduates smh, Where do I apply sha
9th Applicant: Hello sir my name is house and my friends call me help. I’m ready and fully fit for the job.  helping has always been my passion and my hobbies are washing, cooking, cleaning going to the market carrying children. How about 350k and I don’t have to leave the house.  
10th Applicant: I Dey banana island junction already with my certificate and all the necessary things I need to start work immediately. Cheers
11th Applicant: Bro I can do anything type of work you give me

Mop the roof?
Iron the gas?
Hang the plates?

Anything you need sir I’m here
12th Applicant: I am 20 years old but I have 30 years experience in house help job. In case you are wondering how I got my experience, when I was in heaven I used to help the angels mop.

Reading through the responses, I was very sad about the state of young people desperately looking for work

First, there is a popular saying that the best time to prepare for tomorrow is today. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Sustainable investment in the development of our young people is urgently needed.

Secondly, as we go into a world where the future of work is automated, it is very important that the next generation possess the capacity to compete for the new set of skills sets that will be needed.

Finally, it is a fact that Africa will have the highest percentage of under 20s in the next few years. The western world’s median age is 35, Africa’s is 18 today.  This has been the subject of Bill Gate’s video.  Investing in this group will provide fuel for Africa’s prosperity tomorrow.

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One thought on “3 Key Reasons Why We Need to Invest in the Youths across Africa Now

  1. They were not just looking for work rather the attraction was the rate/salary. The rate made the job attractive.
    I think that the poster’s intent was to beautify something that is being overlooked and see the reaction.

    Well done Innovateafrica for the work you do.

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